NSC Teams A-Z: A is for Accounting


Name: Accounting

Size: 26 team members

Habitat: Southeast corner of the 13th floor — “our cubes are better than everyone else’s.” Look for cupcakes, ball toss, and the slingshot that once hit Tony in the head.

Migratory patterns: To and from the back table for donuts, walking in a pack between the NSC and Starbucks.

Food: Friday donuts, Vick’s candy jar, Yaisa and Missi’s baked goods, and Karen’s chili con carne.

Predators: External auditors and other teams that try and steal their food.

Most active: During January and February for the year-end close when financial reports have to go out.

Daily activities/regular routines: Counting beans with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

Longest standing member: Cathy, 16 years.

Newest addition: Rob, who started in July of 2013.

Words of Finance Wisdom: “It’s just numbers, not brain surgery!”

Known for: Awkward silences, cracking jokes, and requiring a constant intake of coffee. Other than that? “We’re not telling, we keep it on the down low.”

Adaptive survival skills: Screening phone calls, reaching out to coworkers to solve problems.

Contact: Email Karen Gates

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