NSC Teams A to Z: R is for Risk Management

The Risk Management team, including photos of their field-based coworkers.

The Risk Management team, including photos of their field-based coworkers.

Name: Risk Management

Aka: Debbie, Joshua, Chris, Heidi, Cecelia, Kim, Jill Rankin, Stephanie, Troy, Tiffany Spaulding, Sean aka Swan aka The Wolf, Tiffany Dawson, Daniel, Jill Redfern, Ryan, Courtney, Ariel, Tracy, David Benedict

Size: 19 people

Known for: Being therapists. Responding (quickly and efficiently) to things that went wrong. “There’s no good reason for your phone to ring, but we have an opportunity to make the situation better.”

Habitat: East side of the 9th floor of the NSC (except for David, who’s on the 15th floor)

Migratory patterns: When not on the phone, team members can be found at J Cafe. Sean the Swan can often be found at record stores in Portland (“any one that sells vinyl”).  Field-based team members are in Southern California, Maryland, and Littleton, Colorado.

Food: Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. And delicious baked goods. “We wish we survived on Josh’s mom’s [a retired baker] baking, but then we’d be very large.”

Predators: Snow and ice. Trip and falls. Plaintiff attorneys. Chiropractors. Sharp edges. Hand, foot, and mouth disease. Oopsies.

Most active: From the time the early birds arrive at 7:30 a.m. to the time the last person goes home after 5 p.m.

Daily activities: Responding to calls from the field on the Incident Reporting and Health & Safety hotlines; working on worker’s compensation claims; certifying drivers; listening to and working with families on their cases. Really, there’s no typical day. “It’s different everyday and that’s what makes it exciting.”

Longest standing member: Courtney, 12 years

Collective cumulative experience: More than 200 years: “We are old and wise.” The team shares their work experiences so everyone has an opportunity to learn from one another. When crisis strikes, they’re able to utilize each other’s strengths and roll with the punches.

Words of Risk Management wisdom: “Safety needs to be at the heart of everything you do.” “It’s OK to say you’re sorry.” “Compassion goes a long way.”

Contact: The Risk hotline: 800-352-4466, option 1 (Incident Reporting) or option 4 (Health & Safety). “The Incident Reporting hotline is the 9-1-1 of the company and the Risk team are our air traffic controllers [who never lose a plane].”

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