Coming soon: April is the Month of the Military Child

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Twenty-eight years ago the Secretary of Defense recognized the contribution every member of a military family makes and declared April the Month of the Military Child. Military children face frequent moves, family separations due to deployment, and reintegration issues – all stressful challenges for an adult to face, let alone a child. Yet we know the military children in our centers face these challenges on a daily basis and, with a little help from some incredibly supportive families and center communities, are able to learn and thrive. Sometimes they’re even able to incorporate their deployed parent in classroom activities through old-fashioned letters or the latest technology.

Each day Knowledge Universe centers serve more than 3,000 military families. For the month of April we want to share some of their stories. How does your center community help military families in building or in your area? How do you help a military child through the difficulty of a parent’s deployment? How does your center honor our servicemen and women? Send your stories and photos to and we’ll share them in upcoming issues.

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