Best in Class Tour: Delia Deanda


Best in Class Center Director Delia Deanda has a passion for caring for children and running a successful business. Her District Manager and Dr. Elanna Yalow agree—Delia excels as a leader.

“A Best in Class honoree should have the ability to build and sustain a management team where all are empowered and developed to be their best,” says District Manager Susie O’Dell. “Delia has a strong dedication to her center, families and team, and she puts their needs before her own.”

Delia and her team with Dr. Elanna Yalow and Wei-Li Chong.

Delia and her team with Dr. Elanna Yalow and Wei-Li Chong.

Susie also praises Delia’s financial performance, high engagement scores, and ability to get the job done with a positive attitude.

“She’s built an amazing management team that truly wants only the best for the center,” says Susie.

Elanna took notes on Delia’s leadership skills during her January visit to South Congress KinderCare in Austin, Texas.

“What a wonderful way to end our Best in Class Tour with Delia and her entire team,” says Dr. Elanna Yalow. “From beginning to end, each visit showed what is possible when a center team works as a family on behalf of families—and the result is pure magic.”

One thought on “Best in Class Tour: Delia Deanda

  1. I am so proud of Delia and her team. I monitor her center for the CACFP and they always do a great job. You can tell that the staff are a strong team supporting each other and that they truely enjoy their jobs! That makes the children in their care very fortunate!

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