Tools of Engagement


From Elanna’s Best in Class Tour, to letters from grateful parents, there are many ways that we demonstrate our engagement with our families and each other. Starting this week, demonstrate your engagement by taking the 2014 Employee Engagement Survey!

We want honest feedback from each and every one of you and participation is easy. You will receive an invitation to participate from Gallup, who is conducting the survey on our behalf, with your personal access code. Take the survey online or over the phone. The survey is open now through March 4th and it should only take 5 minutes!

Teachers and CDs know that engagement happens all year long. Our centers raise money and donate goods to those in need, each effort led by children’s interests and concerns over events in their local communities or on the evening news, and each service project a chance for our teachers to engage their students and the community.

Site Directors, CD’s, and teachers inspire all kinds of creative involvement with their students and colleagues. Check out this Student Council at the Yorktown Champions, or the CCLC classroom cleanup initiative.

Find more on engagement in the handy tag cloud on the right side of your screen. It’s enough to warm the heart on a cold day in February.

We’d love to add your story to our growing collection. Email us at

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