February is for Friendship Day

The creative team at Mary Alice O’Connor Family Center in Burbank, California put a unique twist on their Valentine’s Day celebration. Re-named “Friendship Day,” Friday, February 14 was a chance for the center to engage families, children, and teachers in “spreading some love.”

“Families, siblings, friends, and teachers had the opportunity to write a personal gram to a loved one throughout the week,” says Program Specialist Amanda Edwards. “The love grams were delivered to the children with a baggie of goldfish.”

Love grams 4

“The children’s face lit up when they received their personal note,” says Amanda. “Staff members also shared their love for their co-workers with heartfelt and motivational notes; it was special to see our team come together to appreciate one another.”

The teachers shared a meaningful moment with the kids as they helped them read their personalized messages aloud.

“This is definitely a project we’ll repeat in the future!” says Amanda.

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