Meet Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner Jason Nedley

Jason N

Site Director Jason Nedley, Whittier Elementary, Fircrest, WA

Jason exemplifies PRIDE daily in all aspects of his interactions with the children, families, and staff at Whittier.  He respects children as unique and valuable individuals, sheltering them from risk, and creating an open and welcoming learning environment.

Area Manager Erin Simmons says, “when a family calls my office from Whittier Champions they almost always start out the same way “We love Mr. Jason…” or “I just want you to know we think Mr. Jason is great…”.  His meaningful moments extend to the new Principal Ms. Basil as well.  During Teacher Appreciation Week Jason and his Champions went outside with sidewalk chalk and wrote messages about their teachers in front of the school, on the playground, and near the classroom doors.  Jason took the time to write a note to the new principal that said “Basil seasons our school perfectly”.  Ms. Basil said she was overwhelmed by the kindness of the gesture.

In Jason’s six years with Champions, he has built strong relationships with the children, families and clients and has established favorite traditions which include BBQ outings, an annual baseball game with all Tacoma, WA Champions families, and the “staff lounge makeover” for the school teachers during Teacher Appreciation week.  With much success, other local Champions have adopted these traditions as well.  All the fun is captured in a year-end slide show for everyone to reminisce and enjoy.

Jason is a sports enthusiast.  He shares his enthusiasm with the children and families through games, stories, and family activities. The children learn statistics and mathematics using sports competitions like March Madness as his tool.

Jason encourages his students to set their sights on achieving a higher education. Throughout the year he helps keep the focus of his Champions on colleges through a variety of ways.  He enjoys friendly banter with children, parents, and staff of the rival UW, and children enjoy deciding if they will side with Jason or support the Huskies.  Over the years he has developed a passion for attending college football games, and he always comes back from his travels with stories, pictures and information regarding the colleges he has visited.  His approach to encouraging the children to think about higher education is unique.  Jason provides a great role model to the children at Whittier.

Congratulations, Jason!  Thank you for all that you do every day.

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