Share Meaningful Moments: A parent reflects on her son’s two years at KinderCare

Dearest KinderCare,

When I first started from India for this assignment, I was not sure if/how I would survive here alone with my son Soorya (he was two when he came here) now four years old. Now, after two years, when I move to Pittsburgh for another assignment, I realize that the last two years were made possible only because of KinderCare.

I would like to thank everyone at KinderCare Maumee, to name a few–Miss Kristy, Miss Pat, Miss Rachel, Miss Jess, Miss Julie… My special thanks to Adrienne Moyer for the care, guidance, and support she is providing to everyone. We love KinderCare and we will miss everyone here.

-SreeKala (Soorya’s Mom)

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