Congratulations Leslie! 2013 Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner


Leslie Barr, Site Director at Loveland Primary in Loveland, Ohio.

LeslieBarrLeslieBarrThe Champions Quality Achievement Award honors a Champions Site Director or teacher who cultivates high quality programs, demonstrates high quality teaching skills, and shows exemplary dedication and service to children and families. The year’s five winners will receive an all-expense-paid trip to New York City for the National Afterschool Association Convention on February 28-March 3, 2014. Stay tuned to ONE for profiles of each winner, posted weekly until the NAA convention and meanwhile, meet Leslie!

Leslie Barr, Site Director at Loveland Primary in Loveland, Ohio and 2013 Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner 

Leslie always shows respect to her students, parents, school district personnel, and other staff members.  She is fully dedicated to the children and families at the Loveland School District and works hard each day to ensure that all families receive great customer service and share meaningful moments. Leslie exhibits professionalism each day and communicates well with the school district on an on-going basis to deepen our partnership with them.  She has built a relationship with the PTA and participates in district meetings and events.  She demonstrates enthusiasm for Champions and embodies positive and supportive leadership techniques with all of her peers.

According to Area Manager Erica Daniels, “Leslie takes pride in listening attentively to the needs and input of her customers.  She is always willing to work with individual students who may have a special need or a challenging behavioral concern to make her Champions Program the best fit for every child.”

The following is what a customer stated about Leslie’s Program:  “We feel very lucky to have the professional staff at the Loveland location. I feel very blessed that Elle is at Loveland!  Leslie Barr is WONDERFUL–positive, upbeat, friendly and she handles conflict very well-I’ve seen her in action!! She’s great and her staff is good as well.”

Leslie’s quality program goes beyond the thematic learning activities included in Champions curriculum and program enhancements such as the Book Club, Character Development Program, and GO FAR Fitness Program.  She incorporates the Science Programming and Book Club as key components of the programming, and also implements a Spanish and Sign-Language Club to further engage and enrich the students.

Leslie exhibits and embodies key teaching behaviors, based on the Champions Teacher Indicator Observation Tool, which are evident in her positive rapport with her families and school district and through her facilitation of implementing the School-Age Before and After School Program Curriculum in such a way that engages and enriches the children.

As official Mentor for the Area, Leslie spends time assisting and supporting the other teachers throughout the market through phone and email communication and visiting other sites.  She has stated that she “really enjoys mentoring other teachers.”  Furthermore, Leslie has developed a positive and healthy relationship with the school district and participates in multiple school district meetings and events to deepen their partnership.

Congratulations, Leslie!  Thank you for all that you do every day.


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