Congratulations Franchesca! 2013 Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner


Franchecsa Carrington

Franchesca Carrington, Site Director at Plympton Elementary in Waltham, Massachusetts, and 2013 Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner

The Champions Quality Achievement Award honors a Champions Site Director or teacher who cultivates high quality programs, demonstrates high quality teaching skills, and shows exemplary dedication and service to children and families. The year’s five winners will receive an all-expense-paid trip to New York City for the National Afterschool Association Convention on February 28-March 3, 2014. Stay tuned to ONE for profiles of each winner, posted weekly until the NAA convention and meanwhile, meet Franchesca!

Franchesca Carrington, Site Director at Plympton Elementary in Waltham, Massachusetts, and 2013 Champions Quality Achievement Award Winner

Franchesca has been with Champions for 3 years . Franchesca is passionate about what Champions Extended Learning has to offer and has focused on educating as many children as possible.  Children and families are waiting to participate in Franchesca’s high quality Champions program.  A waitlist has developed for the After School program this year due to its popularity.  Area Manager James Mott attributes this popularity with Franchesca’s way of fostering her relationships with her children, families, school personnel, and staff. She keeps it simple. She provides a fun, enriching programming for children. This is a place where children are happy and learning.  She is also a great communicator. She creates a steady stream of communication with families and school personnel through email and newsletters.

Franchesca has experienced huge success with her planned Parent events, seeing 15-20 families participating monthly.  Multiple pictures of children engaged in our Champions program are displayed throughout  the Champions environment.

According to Mott, “Franchesca teaches with genuine enthusiasm demonstrated through smiles, intonation variety, and continual interactions with children. There is not a day that goes by that Franchesca isn’t shown smiling and truly enjoying herself with her children and families.” One such event was when the Champions at Plympton Elementary celebrated Lights On After School. Franchesca planned  a walking field trip to the Waltham Public Library for the “They’re Alive” Halloween Show. The show included puppets, magic, comedy, stories, and tips for staying safe during Halloween. Quotes from the children included: “This was the best day ever!”; “Champions Rock!”; “I Love Champions!”; “I’m never leaving Champions!”   Parents were just as excited as the children. Parents expressed their satisfaction with Champions as well as their gratitude. It was a truly memorable day.

Additionally, Franchesca is committed to her staff.  She works diligently to ensure that the staff at Plympton receives the support needed to be successful in their role. She communicates regularly through   e-mail and monthly meetings. She is open-minded and listens to their questions and concerns.

Congratulations, Franchesca!  Thank you for all that you do every day.  

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