Best in Class Tour: Angel McKinney

Passion, ambition, and drive are all qualities that a Best in Class Center Director should possess. It is those qualities that allow CDs like Angel McKinney of Deerwood KinderCare in Miami, Florida, to shine.

“Angel stands out because she is so well-respected by all she comes in contact with,” says District Manager Yvonne Wolliston. “Whether it’s executive leaders, parents, peer CDs, or new CDs she mentors, she has a way of inspiring people to want to give their best.”

Angel group outside 2

Angel and her team with Wei-Li Chong and Dr. Elanna Yalow

Dr. Elanna Yalow got to see this inspiration first hand on her recent visit to the Deerwood Center.

“I hope that everyone has seen the video of Angel and her team,” she says. “Being there in person is even more special—you feel the magic as soon as you walk into the building.”

Every day, Angel works hard to motivate her staff toward success.

“Angel is an excellent coach to her staff, always explaining the ‘why’s’ and mentoring them in all areas,” says Yvonne. “Angel has a ‘can do, will do’ attitude, but is also calming and reassuring in every situation. I couldn’t be more proud to have Angel on my team.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of Elanna’s Best in Class tour.

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