Best in Class Tour: Marzieh Mesferoosh


In order to be a Best in Class Center Director, you have to be a strong and motivating leader — like Marzieh Mesferoosh.

Marzieh does a great job of motivating her center to success.

Marzieh does a great job of motivating her center to success.

“Marzieh’s passion is undeniable and it is just so obvious to everyone that is connected to her center—the parents, the staff, [and] of course, the children,” says Regional Vice President Tiffany Wright. “She has incredibly high standards for herself, her team, and for those that support her to do the best work.”

At Rose Hill KinderCare in Redmond, Washington, Marzieh pushes her teachers to be the best that they can be.

“I’ve had a teacher pull me aside and say ‘[Marzieh] is the best leader I have ever worked for; she pushes me hard to do my best work, and every day I look forward to coming in to be part of her team,” says Tiffany.

“As soon as you walk into Marzieh’s center, you become part of their family,” says Dr. Elanna Yalow on her Best in Class Tour visit.

“A Best in Class CD should be motivating and inspiring,” says Tiffany. “Marzieh holds her center to incredibly high standards.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of Elanna’s Best in Class tour.

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