NSC Teams A to Z: E is for Education

The Education Department, pictured holding photos of Micheal and Myriam, who work in the field.

The Education Department, pictured holding photos of Micheal and Myriam, who work in the field.

In response to readers’ request, we’re starting a new series featuring profiles of National Support Center teams. Enjoy these weekly insights into your coworker’s work lives! Do you have a suggestion for a team we should profile? Send us a line at one@klcorp.com.

Name: Education

Aka: Michael, Jeremy, Myriam, Harris, Erin, Paul, Linda, Chris, Celestte, Marianne, Cheryl, Loop (aka Linda), KelliAnn, Meg, Kelley B., Sue-Ann and Doug

Size: 17 people and 3 fish (Smurf, Blue, and Goldie)

Smurf the pet fish.

Smurf the pet fish.

Collective cumulative expertise: 268 years of education experience, the department has 225 years of parenting experience with 25 kids.

Habitat: Urban and mountainous, the team is found both on the 11th Floor in the SW corner of the NSC, and in the field, with two team members in Littleton, Colorado, and one in Central Point, Oregon.

Migratory patterns: Two team members recently migrated to the NSC from the field. Marianne was a school-age teacher in Portland, and Celestte was most recently a Center Director in San Diego.

Food: Everyday. Everything. Coffee. Anything that’s free. Teachers are notorious scavengers. They are also informavores, rapid consumers and processors of information.

Predators: The Clock. The Calendar. Ignorance. Wifi challenges in mountainous regions. Coyotes (again, in the mountains). The Googly-Eye Bandit, team member — whose identity is suspected but unconfirmed — leaves googly eyes on apples, doors, desks, etc.

Most active:The week (or months) leading up to the deadline for getting the new curriculum information to the printer. For the curriculum assessment team, November, January and May are the busiest months. For the group as a whole, the current project — a 2 1/2 year Curriculum Refresh — leaves them active at all times.

Daily activities/regular routines: Daily team check-in at 9 a.m. in the Education Library, followed by a coffee run.

Longest standing member: Linda Loop, 28 years.

Words of Education wisdom: “We ‘break glass’ and expect excellence, in ourselves, in each other and our work.”

Known for: Curriculum and providing teachers the tools they need to do their work. Leadership & strategic thinking. Also, the people on 11 are fun.

Adaptive survival skills: Laughter. Meditation. Coffee. Dance Parties. Monthly movie outings. The team is very flexible and resilient with a highly competitive spirit. They all genuinely like each other.

Contact: Erin DeMont EDeMont@klcorp.com

2 thoughts on “NSC Teams A to Z: E is for Education

  1. Thanks to the entire Education team for all that you do–including the little fish (I don’t know how you do it…all that swimming around all day!).
    Ann Zogg and Team 411 (R4D11) in warm Wisconsin! 🙂

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