Best in Class Tour: Teresa Stanley


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Teresa gets a thumbs-up for her leadership style.

Best in Class honoree Teresa Stanley, from the Moundsview KinderCare in Moundsview, Minnesota, goes out of her way to build a sense of community in her center. The Center Director makes a point of greeting her staff when they come in for the day, and helps parents bring children in each morning.

“Teresa has amazing costumer focus,” says District Manager Tamara King. “She goes the extra mile to ensure her customer experience is the very best it can be.”

“My team and I have worked together for years,” says Teresa. “We work well with each other and support one another.”

“Teresa doesn’t know it, but she makes the Center Director job look easy,” says Tamara. “It doesn’t matter what obstacle is in her way, she’ll make it happen. She is highly motivated and passionate about doing the right thing for children.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of Elanna’s Best in Class tour.

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