Logan’s Stroll

Logan walkingAlthough children learn and grow at their own pace, one young learner in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, needed a little extra help meeting some important physical and emotional milestones. His parents and therapists thought a few days a week in a group setting would encourage Logan to grow into a healthy, active little boy. In June, he started at Dawn Seaman’s KinderCare center for two-and-a-half days a week. Logan entered the center at 14 months with no care or desire to walk, often sitting where he was placed or scooting around the floor on his bottom. He was also a very picky and stubborn eater. Infant teachers Ms. Brittanie and Ms. Julie cared for Logan, encouraged him, and worked with his therapist during once-a-week visits to encourage Logan to cruise or walk. Throughout the past few months Logan improved significantly. He began walking, smiles and plays more often, and is even less of a picky eater, at least when he is at the center and around other children.

Now that Logan is more mobile, Center Director Dawn and Logan’s mom Megan talked about moving him to the Toddler room to encourage his growth. Dawn suggested Logan and his therapists visit the Toddler room so he could get used to the larger classroom and adjust to the new teachers and the more mobile kids. Throughout the last few weeks of November Logan had some intermittent time in the Toddler classroom. During the first week of December the team decided to have Logan try being in the Toddler room full time. His therapist spent the first hour with him, but other than that Logan spent the entire day in the Toddler room without assistance – a huge growth step for him.

Logan is now 19 months old and walking, playing, and eating much better than he was six months ago when he started attending KinderCare. While no one’s quite sure what caused his physical delays, one thing is clear – this little boy is impressing everyone, especially his parents, with the strides he’s taken while at KinderCare. Here’s what his mom had to say:

I just wanted to let you know that Logan is having a very positive reaction (from our perspective) from spending significant time in the Toddler room. Today when he got home he was so excited that he walked eight laps around the first floor of our house without stopping to support himself by holding furniture or walls. What was particularly impressive to us is that he did this without following one of us, or walking next to us, but did it alone while Chris and I discussed his day at KinderCare from the den.

I truly believe that seeing and being with the older kids is motivating him tremendously. Thank you for encouraging his time in the new room.


Watch Logan’s triumphant stroll around the house!

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