I Can’t Imagine a World Without…Lewis Center KinderCare

Ava, Ella and Evan's family can't imagine their world without Center Director Tricia Pisano and her staff at the Lewis Center KinderCare.

Ava, Ella and Evan’s family can’t imagine their world without Center Director Tricia Pisano and her staff at the Lewis Center KinderCare.

Can you think of a family in your center that has some unique scheduling needs? Maybe their children attend a couple of days a week or need to change their hours to better fit a parent’s work schedule. Whatever the reason, we all do our best to remain flexible and accommodate each family’s needs. When Tricia Pisano, Center Director at the Lewis Center KinderCare in Lewis Center, Ohio, learned that one of her families needed a little extra support after a family tragedy, she reached out a helping hand – and earned one mother’s heartfelt thanks.

Ava, Ella, and Evan attend the Lewis Center KinderCare on a part-time basis. When they’re not at the center, the children are at their grandmother’s house. Sadly, their great-grandfather recently passed away. That’s when Tricia noticed this family needed a little extra support. Her flexibility with the family’s schedule was a huge help during a difficult time. In a letter to Tricia’s District Manager Laura Graves, the children’s mother wrote:

My mother was in no condition to care for my kids and needed to make arrangements for the funeral…my husband and I were taking off work to watch the kids. When I emailed Tricia about another change in day she so generously offered that the center watch our kids during the funeral (not a normal day for my kids to attend), and for the full day at no extra charge (something I did not ask for, but she so graciously offered). I can’t tell you how much this helped out our family. It was a huge weight off of my shoulders to not have to find additional arrangements. I have since told family and friends about the generosity of your center to help us in our time of need… Everyone has been impressed. Tricia and the other teachers at the school have been wonderful to my children since they started in August. We have been very pleased with the care they are given. This was just another reason we are so glad we made the decision to place our children at KinderCare.

Thank you so much,

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