Congratulations to Clara, Winner of an Early Childhood Leadership Award!

Clara Vorborker, right, pictured with June Sciarra, for whom 4C for Children Early Childhood Leadership Award is named.

Clara Vorborker, right, pictured with June Sciarra, for whom the 4C for Children Early Childhood Leadership Award is named.

Clara Vorbroker, Center Director at the Blue Ash KinderCare center in Cincinnati, Ohio, won the June Sciarra Early Childhood Leadership Award. She was the first recipient of this award, which was established by 4C for Children, a resource for early education and care in the region.

District Manager Sally Angliss nominated Clara for the honor which recognizes the qualities of vision, inspiration, relationship building, commitment to excellence, advocacy for children, and sound early childhood education philosophy. “Obviously, I thought of Clara because she’s my top notch,” Sally explained, adding that Clara’s center is recognized as one of the top quality centers in the area.

Clara has worked in the Early Childhood Education field for more than 24 years and she continues to learn, Sally wrote in her nomination letter. She described a CD who coaches her teachers and challenges them to reach their highest potential; adding that Clara is a great leader who expects, and works to develop, a team who creates a quality learning program for children and families.

“From a District Manager standpoint, I know that the Center Director is a key component,” Sally said. “There are some great teachers out there, but because of Clara’s leadership, not only does she have one great teacher, she has five great classrooms.”

Clara’s leadership skills have been strengthened with time, maturity, and training. “She’s been developing herself also,” Sally said. Clara attended leadership training at 4C and other seminars through Knowledge Universe. She and her center have achieved NAEYC accreditation and maintained it for many years. She is also the Quality Team Leader for her district. “She’s made this a priority to better herself,” said Sally.

Clara has been recognized for her many accomplishments at KU , including million dollar center, top peer support, and revenue of the year. Her financial results grow from her understanding that a center must be teaching and caring for children, and providing peace of mind to parents, in order to accomplish business success.

Clara starts building relationships with parents during their very first conversation. Before children are even enrolled, she takes the time to ask questions about the parents’ needs and the children’s interests. She continues to communicate with the center families daily; as they pick up their children, Clara might share a Meaningful Moment or check on their needs. She has gone out of her way to connect families with outside agencies in times of need and to provide additional support for a child.

The award was presented at the 4C for Children Leadership Conference in October, and Clara will be invited to events in the Cincinnati area as a representative of leadership in Early Childhood Education. This is a great honor for a Kindercare CD and we are delighted that she has chosen to share it with us.

Congratulations Clara!

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