Celebrating Best in Class: Marzieh Mesferoosh

2013 Best in Class honoree Marzieh Mesferoosh and her family.

2013 Best in Class honoree Marzieh Mesferoosh and her family.

Marzieh Mesferoosh, Rose Hill Center Director in Redmond, Washington

What inspires me the most is the ability to inspire our teachers. I enjoy watching our kids learn and show their excitement when they achieve a goal. I also find it rewarding when I see a teacher inspire a student to learn with excitement. “Leading with your heart” means leading with heartfelt principles and having extraordinary passion about what you do every day. I feel that a good leader cannot have a well-run center without listening to her heart and mind at the same time. You must be kind, caring, and loving, as well as able to be a strong decision maker. Many times I’ve had to make decisions where I must choose the best way to achieve my goal – I’ve found that loving, caring approach is best.

I am really lucky to have such a great team. I am surrounded by a group of smart and passionate individuals who are honest and straightforward with each other. We have a diverse group; our teachers value difference and respect one another. Our quest for mutual success ties us together, and we learn from both our success and our failure. The most important thing is that we have a culture of appreciating one another and celebrating each other’s successes.


Favorite color: Purple

Favorite children’s book: Love You Forever

Favorite Disney character: Goofy

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