Best in Class Tour: Sharon Johnson

Dr. Elanna Yalow and KinderCare field leaders gather at Sharon Johnson's (right) center to learn why she's a 2013 Best in Class leader.

Dr. Elanna Yalow and KinderCare field leaders gather at Sharon Johnson’s (right) center to learn why she’s a 2013 Best in Class leader.

Tuscon, Arizona Center Director Sharon Johnson’s passion for and dedication to early childhood education are what earned her the title of “Best in Class.”

”Sharon takes tremendous ownership of her center,” says District Manager Heidi Grunberg. “The center is her home, and her team is her family.”

“A best in class honoree should have passion for the work they do, commitment to the overall company mission, and strong relationships with children, families, and the community,” says Regional Vice President Ann Braxton. “Sharon’s undying commitment to children and families is apparent first thing when you meet her and her team.”

Sharon sets a high bar for her center, and the hard work pays off.

“Her ability to lead and coach her team to meeting these expectations is verified when you observe the magic happening throughout the center,” says Ann.

“Sharon’s attention to her team’s needs—from the classroom to their own well being—and willingness to put them first makes her team do the same for their children and families,” says Heidi.

“I so enjoyed having lunch with the amazing teachers at Desert Trail,” says Dr. Elanna Yalow. “I was also excited to hear that the center received notification of reaccreditation the week after we were there!”

“My team is my family,” says Sharon. “We help one another, we share the same passion—we’re family.”

Stay tuned for more coverage of Elanna’s Best in Class tour.

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