The Science of Sundogs

School-age children at Lakeville KinderCare made illustrations of sundogs--an atmospheric phenomenon.

School-age children at Lakeville KinderCare made illustrations of sundogs–an atmospheric phenomenon

What is a sundog? In order to learn about the atmospheric phenomenon—what it is and why it happens—school-age kids at Lakeville KinderCare did research using the internet and drew pictures of their findings.

The atmospheric phenomenon “sundog” creates bright spots of light in the sky which appear like a halo around the sun. Though they can be seen any time of year anywhere in the world, they are best seen when the sun is low.

After all their hard work, students were able to see the phenomenon in nature.

“We found out that sundogs are pretty rare, and that we were very lucky to see them,” says Center Director Erika Riesinger. “I had never seen one, and I’m 40!”

“If you have never seen a sundog, you are truly missing out on the beauty of nature,” says District Manager Brenda Hermanson. “Erika’s activity is a great reminder to us all to experience learning through the eyes of a child.”

“The children love to draw in my class and were excited to show off their renditions of sundogs,” says Erika. “It was a great teachable moment that we all enjoyed.”

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