Martha Stewart’s Coming Over! The Center Clean Up Initiative at CCLC

The Red Team at LEGO demonstrates team spirit.

The Red Team at LEGO demonstrates team spirit.

Ursula Staneff, CCLC Regional Operations Manager in upstate New York,  found a great way to motivate her centers clean up efforts.

During November, Region 11 Center Directors were asked to pretend that Martha Stewart — diva of domesticity, doyenne of a media empire, maker of jams and endlessly festive table settings — was coming for a visit. Each center was to prepare for her arrival. Ursula asked that CDs use imagination and creativity to motivate their teams.

“Your center is your ‘house’ away from home,” she wrote in an email. “Some of your probably spend more waking hours there than home! Let’s make it a beautiful place for not only yourselves but our families (and potential families!)”

She shared specific expectations, asking that CDs communicate both their plans and results, and she presented guidelines as open-ended questions.

“What will you do to motivate your teams to clean up, and how you will check to ensure your team is participating? BE CREATIVE. How will you celebrate your team’s accomplishments? A clean and organized center is truly something to be thankful for!”

The results were sparkling, and even made housekeeping look like fun. Here were some of the most creative approaches:

Children’s Beginnings at General Services Administration in Syracuse and the Daybridge Child Development Center at Penn State snapped Before and After photos.

Before and After Photos from Daybridge Child Center at Penn State.

After Photos from Daybridge Child Center at Penn State.

LEGO’s Weekly Clean Up Challenge Game divided staff into teams. They were given points for wearing team colors, showing team spirit, and completing an assigned task. They also played a CCLC version of “Supermarket Sweep” which they called “CCLC Sweep.” Teams competed to find commonly needed items being hoarded in the supply closet.

The Children’s School at University of Rochester Medical Center and CCLC at Rochester General Hospital participated in a White Glove Project dreamed up by their CDs.

Each classroom had a folder with the words “White Glove Project” on the cover which included Before photos of the room and a “Company is Coming” checklist that described the clean up goals. Teachers were instructed to look at the before pictures, use the checklists, and then take “After Pictures” and add them to the folder.

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