I Can’t Imagine a World Without…West Palm Beach KinderCare

Ms. Olga and her student Maya. Maya's mom surprised Ms. Olga with a heartfelt letter of thanks.

Ms. Olga and her student Maya. Maya’s mom surprised Ms. Olga with a heartfelt letter of thanks.

While checking the payment box one recent afternoon, Center Director Alicia Lipscomb discovered a thank you letter from one of her families describing the connection they’ve formed with their teacher, Ms. Olga. After reading it herself, Alicia gathered some of the teachers to join her as she read the letter out loud to Ms. Olga. Ms. Olga was so surprised that a parent would go out of their way to say such kind words about a job she does without even thinking twice that she began to cry. See for yourself why this letter moved her to tears:

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a mother of two children [who] currently attend the Village Boulevard KinderCare in West Palm Beach, Florida—ages 10 months and 6-years-old. I am writing this letter to express my sincerest gratitude for one of your employees [who] truly cares for my infant daughter, Ms. Olga Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez is a kind-hearted teacher [who] truly cares for her students and has shown my daughter genuine compassion throughout the the time she has cared for her. She always greets me with a smile and eagerly shares with me the many milestones that [my daughter] achieves daily. Ms. Olga exceeded my expectations for a daycare provider and treats my daughter as if she were family. I appreciate her professional attitude and her overall cheerful demeanor, and it places my heart at ease to know my daughter is in such great care.

I work full-time as a healthcare provider and give a lot of my time caring for others. I appreciate Ms. Olga and all she does to care for my daughter. Ms. Rodriguez shares with me the little things that means so much to me as a mom and fills me in on the many things that I miss as a working parent. Going back to work was not easy, but Ms. Olga made my transition smooth, and knowing that she is at KinderCare providing the same love and support that I would allows me to focus on caring for my patients.

Raising children to be kind and loving is not an easy task, especially if you are not around all day. I feel that Ms. Olga’s values and kind heart reflect on my daughter and assist in her growth. I am thankful for her presence at the center. My family and friends often inquire [about] how I am able to do so much and I often reply [that it’s] with the kindness and support of those [who] help me care for my daughters. I appreciate Ms. Olga Rodriguez and I wanted you to be aware of her outstanding care.


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