One Company, Three Brands in Action

With a little cooperation, we can keep things moving smoothly for our families.

With a little cooperation, we can keep things moving smoothly for our families.

CCLC Regional Director Jennifer Fairfield, KinderCare District Manager Andrea Osman and their teams worked closely to develop a plan to transition current families from the CACI CCLC center to a new center home. They scheduled times for families to tour the closest center and responded to concerns about the atmosphere of the new center by partnering with Facilities to complete painting over the weekend. The team’s hard work paid off! Check out the letter from Connor’s dad.

Ms. Osman,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am a parent from the former CCLC located at CACI in Chantilly, Virginia.

Upon hearing of the closure of CCLC at CACI, not only were my [wife] and I disappointed, but also overwhelmed with locating a new day care for our child (as well as our new arrival due in April 2014). I visited multiple facilities within the KinderCare family, as well as external. I was disappointed with every visit I made (four KinderCare facilities and five external). Although I had many reservations pertaining to the Sully Station KinderCare, I was assured from Ms. Kate and Ms. Jen (CCLC) that it would be a good fit for my child(ren). Monday we began our first day at daycare, and I believe that the experience is worthy enough to contact you directly.

One of my main concerns when initially visiting Kindercare at Sully Station was the cosmetics of the facility. On Monday I was pleasantly surprised on the “face lift” which was provided. I understand that so many immediate changes may be difficult for the former families of Sully Station; however, the fresh paint brings a new attitude and life to your center. It provided a warmth and welcome to the new families joining from CCLC, and I believe that this will assist your company in bringing in additional prospective families.

I was amazed with the simplicity of the transition. I was expecting a weeks’ worth of paperwork and headaches. However, Ms. Samantha, Ms. Jen, and Ms. Kate have gone above and beyond in making this transition as simple for the families as possible. [Thanks to] their efforts, I was asked to complete approximately three simple forms. It doesn’t get any easier than that. In the background I can only imagine that the additional work and filings must have been completed by these three ladies on behalf of their 40+ families.

The relocation of my child’s belongings, center toys and furniture were all completed over a short
weekend. This was no easy task. Yet, on Monday morning Ms. Jen and Ms. Samantha greeted my child with bright smiles and enthusiasm. They sacrificed time with their families and college studies for my child(ren). Dedication does not begin to describe these ladies.

I expect, as with any merger, that there shall be growing pains to overcome. However, Ms. Jen and Ms. Samantha have carried your center to a new milestone. And I am confident that they will be able to address the bumps in the road. In addition, I expect once the merger is finalized they will have created a center for all KinderCares to idolize.

Please do not overlook the work that these ladies have accomplished. Please do not take these ladies for granted. They are assets of KinderCare, that make your company stand out from all other competitors. Please extend my appreciation for the work that they have performed, and the care that they provide to my child(ren).”

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